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Best Nepali Status for Facebook

We are going to collect status updates from every possible angle (as per category). We hope you will like our collection and will surely contribute your part by commenting down your ideas, status updates below.

Nepali language Facebook Status

Kta smart hunu hunna re, phone ni smart hunx..
Change the gear, live up the fear
Do not try to become a man of wealth, do try to become the same in terms of values. Wealth is temporary but your nature,  your values are going to last forever
Laughter is literally the best medicine. Do keep laughing in oddest of the situations. It will soon turn out to be one of your best habit ever
Proud to be a Nepali. Ready to give everything to my motherland
Keep working hard for future. You might not see it today but it will take some efforts to rise above to a level where it can be seen, it can be felt so keep working..Good Luck!

Facebook status about love in Nepali

Keep your eyes open while loving someone. Remember, your parents are your first love and they will be most faithful to you so never ever lose them
Never trust your heart, it is not on the right side in our body even
I can keep waiting for you for years, for decades, for lives but I believe one day your will realize how much I use to love you and you will come back to me
There might be something different in each love story, but ours is my favorite one
The person loves you more will fight with you daily without any reason
Every time
 I start typing something and occasionally look towards keyboard a smile comes on my face as I can see 'U' and 'I' always together there
Everything is fair in love and war

Sad Emotional Facebook Status in Nepali

Every time
 you put that ring around your finger, believe me you indirectly puts a death ring around my neck
Everything suddenly starts seeming so much correct and right once you are in love
Love like there is no tomorrow
Don't know why I can't stop dreaming/thinking about you all the time
You were the one, you are the one and you will definitely be the one whom I can trust and can spend rest of my life with
Best thing about music is, whenever it hits you you don't feel a pain

Nepali Love Message for Facebook
Nepali Love Message for Facebook

Funny Facebook Status in Nepali

God is really creative. Want a proof? Well message me your postal address, let me send a picture of mine
Life is short so chat fast
Nepali Jokes for Facebook Status
Nepali Jokes for Facebook Status

If you wish "Good Morning" on Monday morning, believe me you are going to receive tight slap from me
Mosquitoes  are like family. Annoying but they carry your blood
With Facebook, we don't need Television anymore. Its more drama here than it used to be once on TV sets
Sometimes a person can do anything to bring smile on their loved ones face. DO appreciate their act (even if they behave stupid to bring a joyful smile on your face)
Life is too short smile while you still have teeth...

Nepali Shayari Status for Facebook
Nepali Shayari Status for Facebook

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Collection: Nepali SMS, Funny, Love, Romantic, Good Morning, Good Night and lot more

Welcome to Nepali Lok Geets. Here in this article you will find amazing nepali love sms, cute sms, messages, facebook status, Whatsapp messages/msg, quotes, shayari and many other things. These are some of the best messages that will cover various types like funny, romantic, msg for girlfriend, boyfriend, college, school, emotional and many others. In short you will be able to find messages in nepali fonts for almost every occasion here. Moreover we will cover messages in both text as well as in image format so it becomes additional advantage to have both (you can use them widely on Whatsapp and Facebook).

Nepali SMS in Nepali Font

Check out these best nepali sms below:

Kahilyai mutu ma madhhoshi jhalkeko thiyen
Thaha 6aian k asar garer gayo timro kura
Natra yasari kahilyai yaad kasaiko aayeko thiyen

चाहदैमा कुनै कुरा आफ्नो हुँदैन,
प्रतेक मुस्कुराहट खुशीको हुँदैन,
प्रेम को भोक हुन्छ मन मा,
तर कहिले समय त कहिले भागय सही हुँदैन ।

Nepali SMS

Motivational Messages in Nepali
उदेस्य थियो तिम्रो साथ जिन्दगी बिताउने,
गुनासो छ भागअवान सँग मौन रहेको म,
पागल प्रेम यो भन्दा बढी के होला,
आज पनि प्रतिक्षा छ तिम्रो आगमन को ।

Nepali Romantic/Love Messages

Use them on Valentine or on whatever occasion, these love msg in Nepali will surely help you impress your partner. These messages can be used by both boyfriend and girlfriend as well. Check out some of the beautiful messages below:

mero harek pal aaj sundar chha
mutuma jo matra timro matra anuhar chha
kehi pani bhanos yo duniya chinta chhaina
duniya bhanda malai timro aawasyakta chha

म तिमीलाई सम्झिबस्छु
कतै तिमी येक्लाई छौकि भनी,
सपनी तिम्रो देखने गर्छु
कतै मिलन हुन्छ की भनी,
साँझ को बेला आकाश माँ हेरी टोलाई बस्छु
कतै जून संगै देखिंचौ की भनी,
सत्य येही हो की म तिमीलाई प्रेम गर्छु
र सायद तिमीले पानी ।

Nepali Love SMS

Nepali I Love You SMS

लक्ष्मी कूचो बडारछीन
धनपति माग्छ भिक
चिरिन्जीबी मरी गए
जे नाम हो तेहि ठीक

Nepali Funny sms

Check out below messages, these are some of the best funny nepali sms that you can use as sms for facebook status and whatsapp messages.

स्त्रिको कपडाकोमा सबैभन्दा बढी बेरिने गायककार को हो ?
उत्तरः उदीतनारायण झा । किनकी उनकै भनाई अनुसार कहिले तिम्रो पछ्यौरीमा अल्झें, कहिले तिम्रौ चोबन्दीमा अल्झें ।

लम्फुलाई मेसेज आयोः यो मेसेज पठाउने हिरो पढ्ने जिरो लम्फुले सो मेसेज रिप्लाई गरिदियोः यो मेसेज पठाउने जिरो, पढेने हिरो ।

लुगा धुने धोबी तरकारी खाने कोबी जो एसएमएस पठाउँदैन उ संसारको उत्कृष्ट लोभी

Nepali Funny SMS

Nepali funny jokes msg

Nepali Messages for Broken Heart

In a stage where everything is not good between you and your pair? We have perfect msg for you then. You can use below nepali msg in such conditions:

Chadra tara sangai dekhe aja
Jhismise sajha ko bela,
Timi aaune priya
jaba huncha mero malami ko bhela

Nepali Good Morning/Good Night Messages

Here are some sweet good morning and good nigh sms in Nepali.

Nepali Good Morning MSG

Good Night Message in Nepali

This is our list of nepali msg. Do share your favorite Nepali messages as per categories. If they will be good then we will publish them here with your names.


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Best Nepali Lok Dohori {Updated}

Nepali Lok Dohori is a great entertainment medium in Nepal. It is about expressing your emotions in terms of audio/video clips. Here we will club a consolidated list of some of the best Nepali Songs, Nepali Videos that will help you with entertainment section in Nepal. We are going to cover wide topics, be it Nepali comedy or Nepali Deuda you will find everything here. We will share direct YouTube videos which you can enjoy anytime anywhere.

Nepali Lok Dohori

Checkout first Nepali Dohori Video here. This Nepali Video is about Amilo Rasaile song that is sung by Ramji Khand & Bhimu Gurung. Captured with amazing high quality graphics, it will let you experience latest Nepali songs along with today’s Nepali style. This Nepali Dohori has much to offer. Do have a look and let us know your views on the same.

Nepali Song Latest

Do check out one of the best folk Nepali song embedded with scenic Nepali beauty (nature and landscapes) and amazing tones. Title of this Nepali song is Guransh Phulne Thautira and it is sung by Birahi Karki and Sarita Karki. Both are quality singers and well known personalities in Nepal. This Nepali Geet has already received good response from listeners and people have liked it throughout its journey. Here you can watch it using below video reference:

Nepali Video Latest

Check out this Nepali Song video that is pictured with decent shooting quality and backgrounds. Moves are decent and watchable which can be copied easily in various Nepali functions (especially singing and dancing Nepali events). Song is called Mayako Beema Garauchu and is sung by popular singers Bishnu Majhi and Deepak Pariyar. Both are known for delivering top notch performance every time. Same is the case with Mayako Beema song. You can enjoy it with below video track:

So these are some of the best Nepali songs that you can watch online or can download on your smartphone. We are open for suggestions and would love to add few more Nepali songs as per your suggestions. Please comment down some of the best Nepali songs below and we will add them to our list as per the quality standards and some manual reviews.

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Best Nepali Bhajans MP3 | Video Collection

Nepali Bhajan are good way to connect to soul through mesmerizing powers and focus. They helps in concentrating with better focus and reach out to a super power. Nepali songs and Nepali bhajan songs are great way to relax within this fast moving world. Here we will help you with some of the best Nepali bhajans that you can watch and download for later use. We will give you the chance to share your favorite nepali bhajans so that we can expand our list and can finally conclude some of the best songs in final list.

Best Nepali Bhajan

First bhajan in Nepali language is dedicated to Karishna, Rama and other Gods. It is a long complied bhajan that presents you some of the best Nepali Bhajan 2016.

Shiv Bhajan in Nepali

Lord Shiva is amongst the most dominating kind in Nepal. You will easily find Shiva followers everywhere in Nepal. People use to worship Shiv with lot of dedication and pure heart. People do search about best Shiv bhajans in Nepali and here we are with best video that will help you with worshiping Lord Shiva in form of a nepali bhajan.

Sai Baba Bhajan in Nepali

Sai Baba is an universal figure and he is popular in Nepal also. people do search about sai baba bhajan in nepali. For all those people, here we have a beautiful nepali bhajan dedicated to Sai Baba in Nepali:

Karishna Bhajan in Nepali

Like Lord Shiva, Karishna and Vishnu are popular in Nepal as well. Both represents a different view and set different benchmarks. However people love them on large scale and devotees will suggest their view point all the time. Literally all are one and you can follow any of the names/characters. Only thing matter is the ultimate goal which must be common throughout.

You can watch 1 hour long bhajan session through below video:

Maa Durga Bhajan in Nepali

Durga Mata/Devi/Goddess is worshipped across a wide area range in Nepal and people do use to celebrate various national level festivals on basis of Maa Durga. People worship Durga Maa through various rituals like Durga Puja, Ashtami etc. Here is one popular Nepali bhajan dedicated to Maa Durgaa.

This 5 minute nepali bhajan will help you a lot with Maa Durga Songs in Nepali:

Ganesh Bhajan in Nepali

How can we forget Lord Ganesha. He is the first god as per Hindu culture who needs to be remembered every time someone starts something good. Also known as Ganpati, people worship Lord Ganesha for wealth and happiness. People do worship him for good memory and intellectual system.
Here is how you can greet Lord Ganesha with a beautiful nepali song:

These are popular Nepali Bhajans/Aartis that you can use on auspicious occasions in Nepal. Do let us know your suggestions and your favorite Nepali bhajans.

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Nepali Shayari Collection | Funny | Love | College | Boy, Girl | Husband Wife | Inspirational and many more

After Nepali Lok Geets, Jokes and Quotes, here we are with another entertainment section in Nepal. Here we will be discussing about Nepali Shayari which is another strong and popular entertainment medium in Nepal. Nepali people do search for different type of sayaris which include:

Nepali funny sayari, Nepali love sayari, Nepali emotional shayari, Nepali inspirational Shayari, Nepali Jokes, Nepali sayari for Facebook, Nepali Shayari for Whatsapp and amnay more such things. Here you will find answer to each of your query as we are here with collection of best Nepali sayari that you will ever find on internet.

Nepali Shayaris

Here is the collection that you are looking for. These sayaris are best for Facebook status updates, Whatsapp messages and literally for every communication medium that you can think of now.

Nepali Funny Shayari

First funny sayari that we will discuss is about Girl friend Boyfriend, Wife Husband type joke. Here is the joke:

प्रेमीका – तिमी बिहे पछि चुरोट पिउन छोड्छौ ?
प्रेमी – किन नछोड्नु अवश्य पनि छोड्छु ।
प्रेमीका – रक्सी र तास नि !
प्रेमी – त्यो पनि छोड्छु ।
प्रेमीका – अनि बिहे अघि चाँहि के के छोड्ने विचार गरेको छौ नि ?
प्रेमी – तिमीलाई !!!!

Boy: Aaj Godabari Park tir jaau hai… Girl: Bho..janna…Timi le je payo tehi ta gardai nau ni ? Boy: Promise kehi gardina k !!! Girl: Bho…tyaso bhaye kina janu paryo ta..!!

Nepali funny facebook update

Nepali Love Sayari

Want to update love status on Facebook? Here are some of the best Nepali love shayaris that you can post on your FB wall and can impress friend then.

Ek Jasto Mutu sabai sanga hunchha
kasai lai kam kasai besi biswas hunchha
Manchhe chahe jati nai sadharan kin na hos
U pani kasai ko lagi khas hunchha

Paunu bhanda gumaunu ko maza nai arkai hunchha
Band aankhan le runu ko maza nai arkai hunchha
Aansu banchha boli, boli banchha gajal
Ra tyo gajal ma timro nam hunu maza arkai hunchha

Nepali Love Sayari

Nepali Inspirational Status for Facebook

Here are some of the best inspirational messages that you can use as your FB status.

Those who think “they can’t” and those who think “they CAN” are usually both right. It takes a different mindset to achieve the impossible.

If you love something from deepest corner of your heart and if even a single person on this planet is doing that then you will also be able to do that for sure.

It is the bottom that is overcrowded, make some efforts, take some radical moves and cross the barrier. Once you cross the beginning (which is overcrowded) you will find a world with better thinking, mindset and opportunities.

This is all for now. We will update our collection from time to time. In mean time if you want to share your own master piece (sayari or anything related to Nepal) then you can easily do that by commenting down below.

Do let us know what else you want us to cover about Nepal.

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Nepali Quotes | Love | Inspirational | Funny etc

So you are searching for Nepali Quotes. You are at right place, here you will find Quotes in Nepali Language. We will over wide genres of quotes that will include Nepali Love Quotes, Good Morning Nepali Quotes, Sad Nepali Quotes, Nepali Quotes for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend, for wife, husband etc. There is a quote like an image is equivalent to thousands of words, so here we will try to present a mixture of both text and images in form of quotes. We hope you will like it and will surely leave your valuable feedback in form of comments.

Nepali Quotes Collection

Below are latest Nepali quotes as per the category:

Funny Nepali Quotes

One line advertisement by a married man in National Newspaper:
Brand New Suit for Sale
Wore only once, that too by mistake

Nepali Funny Quotes

Nepali Funny Quotes_1

Funny Jokes

Nepali Inspirational Quotes

Nothing is better than inspirational quotes. They have the power to charge you up with positive vive and different set of energy. Below are some famous Inspiration Quotes in Nepali.

Works hard in silence, let your Ferrari make the noise.

Masters have failed more times than the average (or beginners) has even tried.

People are awarded in public for what they practice alone for years.

Beginning is always the hardest. Be there for a while, you will see the crowd settling down around you. Make a move and cross the hurdle.

It is the bottom that is overcrowded, take a step further and unleash the power of best.

Nepali Love Quotes

These are in demand I must say. Love quotes in Nepali language can be used for girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband. A quality Nepali love quote is way better than 1000 words when it comes to express your feelings. Below are some of the best Nepali love quotes that you can use as ice breaker and can use to express your feelings to the loved ones.

Nepali LOve Quotes

Nepali LOve Quotes_1

Nepali Religious Quotes

Great way to show your affection in religious way. People might use them as mobile, laptop wallpaper also. Below are some of the popular religious Nepali quotes used for years now.

Nepali Religious Wallpaper

So this is our collection about Nepali Quotes, Wallpapers. We will surely keeping adding new quotes and wallpapers in coming days. In case you have something nice to share with our audience then you can easily do so by commenting own below.
Do let us know your suggestions.

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{Best} Funny Nepali Jokes | Chutkila

Nepali Jokes are no doubt the best medium of entertainment n Nepal. Nepali Jokes are published in different genres. Be it doctor-patient, student teacher, son-dad or anything like, they always bring smile to your face and keeps you refreshing throughout the entire day. Here we will see some of the best Nepali Jokes that you can share across Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc to spread tickles to your friends.

You can send us your favorite jokes (or collection) by commenting down below. We are waiting for your response so that we can keep our list updated always. So let’s start.

Best Nepali Jokes

We will be sharing jokes in form of both images as well as text. You can use them anywhere you want.

Nepali Funny Jok

Here goes the first Nepali Funny Joke in form of an image:

Funny Nepali Jokes

Husband Wife Jokes in Nepali

Here are some of the Husband Wife Jokes in Nepali Language:
श्रीमानः म मरे भने के तिमी दोस्रो विहे गर्छौ ?
श्रीमतीः छि..के भन्नु भको त्यस्तो ?? म त मेरो बहिनी सित बस्छु ।
अनि हजुर ? श्रीमानः म पनि तिम्रै बहिनी सित बस्छु ।

श्रीमान श्रीमती एक सिक्काका दुई पाटो हुन , त्यसैले उनीहरु एक अर्कालाई हेर्न नचाहदा नचाहदैँ पनि जीवनभर साथै रहन्छन ।

School Jokes in Nepali

Schools Jokes are popular and they are the first choice when any student looks for the jokes to crack in his class of Whataspp, Facebook group. Here are few of them:

Nepali School Teacher Student Jokes

Among school jokes category, student teacher jokes are best (especially those where student keep ignoring teacher and always have something in response to whatever teacher says to him/her). We will try to find such jokes and post them here. if you have some of them then please help us by sharing them here.

Animal Jokes in Nepali

It is another category where jokes are cracked on animals. Animals with unusual comparison like elephant and ant, lion and rat etc are popular.

Please find below pic for one such amazing joke:

Animal Jokes in Nepali

It involves all-time favorite cat and rat fight/joke cracked in a great humors way.

Here is another joke from popular husband wife category:

लोग्ने : तिमीसँग बिहे गरेर मलाई एकदम फाईदा भएको छ ।
स्वास्नी : ( खुशी हुँदै ) हो र कसरी नि ?
लोग्ने : मलाई मैले गरेको पाप को सजाए म जिउदो हुँदै पाई रहेको छु नि त ।

This is all for now. We will update this list as soon as we have new jokes. Till then keep sharing your jokes here.

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